Welcome to our website guess! We are really excited and thankful that you discovered us, which means you enjoy wearing really awesome T-shirts. “Shati” is Swahili for (T-shirt) and we also use the language on other products. The origin of the Swahili language is Bantu which is East African and has been in existent for thousands of years. With our T-shirt business, we look forward to implementing various languages with our products and T-shirts graphic designs because the world is an array of beautiful spoken languages and dialects in which people speak from around the world which are our community of customers.   

 Every iconic shati is a blank canvas until we make it something more and that’s why our t-shirt business is inspired by customers finding a shati that is specifically meant for them to wear. We anticipate that our t-shirts graphic designs will resonate with customers' unique personalities, witty sense of humor, boldness, charismatic attitude, and those individuals who just enjoy wearing a really amazing T-shirt that is a conversation piece. Remember our motto when you are wearing one of our t-shirts (Let Your Shati Say It For You). Thank you for visiting our website and please check back periodically to see newly created designs and products.


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